​Our Philosophy

    They say 'hard work never killed anyone'. That may be true,but, I'm here to tell you, it can certainly wear ya' down a little. At White's Bikes we don't quit until the job is done AND done right. We want your bike to ride it's absolute best, whether you are on a "Wal Mart" special or a fine Carbon Fiber work of art. We never exceed our written estimate, so you don't have to be concerned about any unpleasant, unexpected, surprises. AND we are going to stay on the job until it is done Right. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    If you have been around the Inland Empire for any length of time, at all, you know dozens of bike shops have "bit the dust" over the last 30 years. We are proud to say, 'we're still standing' and truly believe our integrity and honest work ethic are the keys to our longevity. You can shop with confidence, knowing we will do all we can  to keep you a happy camper.  





​Since 1949 - Masi Bikes has been building the World's Best Cycling Machines. Pictured above is the Carbon Fiber - State of the Art - 'Ultegra' equipped - "Evoluzione" model.    Stop by and check it out.  

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~*Support Your Community~*

It goes without saying we need your support to continue serving your cycling needs.  On the flip side you need us to provide jobs, provide bikes/parts/& repair.  Empty shopping centers do nothing to promote our city, our property values,and our public services.

---- Thanks Again ---- the Staff at White's Bikes