Retrospec Koda plus 16 inch girls bmx.  foot and hand brake.  training wheels and basket!  age appropriate 3- 6 yrs.  appx


​price includes professional assembly


Haro Shredder 16 inch.   2023 model.   aluminum frame and wheels.  coaster (foot) and hand brake.   training wheels and pad set.   Everything a 3-7 yr. old could want.         $289.99

​price includes professional assembly

Yes!  we have lay-a-way.   25 % down and no extra charge.  3 months to pay it off and take it home and ride!

Retrospec "Sully".   This is a great family bike.   IS it a bmx or a cruiser?   It's both!  Sturdy frame set, 26 inch alloy wheels.   Free wheel with hand brake.  Fun to ride               $299.99

​price includes professional assembly 

​​Price rduced from $339.99 now $299.99


Are you a tall guy who wants to cruise?  Do we have a bike for you.  Retrospec "Chatham" 29er. Lots of leg room.   One speed with foot brake.  $ $339.99 

​price includes professional assembly

Retrospec "Cub Plus" 12 inch training bike.   aluminum frame, pneumatic tires and tubes, ball bearing stem, v-brake.  age appx. 2 to 5 yr.

$109.99 in box

​$139.99 assembled 

Proudly serving Moreno Valley's cycling needs for 40 years.

Retrospec "Chatham" 20 inch cruiser.   Girls love to cruise too!  age appropriate appx. 6-12 yr. old.  alloy wheels ready to ride!

​$ 229.99

    price includes professional assembly

​Army green .

Retrospec single trailer.  Folds up for easy transport and storage.  100 pd capacity.   safe and fun!

$ 169.99     

​Lay-a-way available at no extra charge 25 % down and 3 months to pay it off.

Please scroll down to see our complete in stock inventory of family bicycles--beach cruisers, kids bmx bikes and trailers.  These models are in stock and ready to ride.   Along with prices and description.  Remember all our bikes come completely and professionally assembled.  I update everyday to keep current. 951-242-4469

Haro Shredder 20 inch coaster (foot) brake and one hand brake.  Aluminum frame, alloy wheels, pad set included.   age appx. 5-10


​price includes professional assembly

​​Retrospec "cub".  Look ma no peddles!  great bike to learn balancing skills.   age appx. 2 - 5 year old.   ​$ 79.99  in box

           $99.99 assembled 


Retrospec double trailer.   Sits two passengers in comfort and provides many hours of family fun.   

​$ 199.99 

Retrospec 26 inch "Chatham" ladies step thru.  Easy on easy off.  Men's model features a longer frame for comfort.   One speed with foot brake.

$ 299.99    more colors available to order  allow 5 to 10 days  Price includes professional assembly 

Retrospec Chatham 7 speed cruiser aluminum with 3 pc. cranks.   lighter weight stretch frame.   $399.99

​price includes professional assembly

Take your best friend for a ride.   Retrospec Rover trailer.

​$ 159.99 


Retrospec Chatham one speed cruiser 24 inch wheels.   Great bike for someone who is just a bit to tall for 20" and cannot ride a 26".   Appx. 4"10-5"4


​price includes professional assembly 

REtrospec "Dart" 24 inch atb bike.   This is a great choice for ages 7 to 12 appx.   With kid friendly Shimano 7 speed twist shifters, alloy wheels, suspension fork and even a kickstand this bike is ready for action!   

$ 269.99  price reduced 

​price includes professional assembly 

Retrospec hauler trailer.   Ready to go to the store and buy those groceries.   100 lbs capacity.  smooth rolling.  $ 149.99

​Crystal blue 

Need a bicycle that is easy to transport and efficient to ride?  look no further then this folding bike from Retrospec.   The Judd can do!!!            $359.99

​price includes professional assembly

Red in stock !!

Retrospec  "Chatham"  lady's 7 speed cruiser 26 inch.  Alloy wheels, easy to use twist shifter.  Ready for family fun.

$359.99   We are able to order other colors.   allow 5 days for arrival

price includes professional assembly 



​price includes professional assembly

Girls luv bmx bikes too.  Haro Shredder 20 inch pink.   Lightweight aluminum frame and wheels.   foot and hand brake.  quality bike for age appx. 5 to 10.    $ 319.99

price includes professional assembly

Retro spec "baby Beaumont"

no peddles learn to balance.

this model features regular tubes and spokes.   ball bearing hubs and basket

​$99.99  in box

$129.99 assembled 

Sun Three wheeler 24 inch wheels, basket, hand brake, front fender.   Very well designed adult trike ​

6 colors to choose  

Red in stock other colors available to order .   Allow 5 to 7 days for pick-up

$699.99  Extra value--We build our 3 wheelers with heavy duty tubes.   $125.00 value at no extra charge. 

​price includes professional assembly