price includes professional 



Subrosa "Altus".   This bmx is great for ages 9 thru 14 appx.   3 pc cranks, fat tires, U brake and much more.     $339.99

price includes professional assembly

​Many prices have been reduced for the holiday's.

Haro Shredder 18 inch .   Aluminum frame and wheels.  Foot and hand brake.  Excellant bmx for age appx.

5-9 yr. old      $279.99

​price includes professional assembly

Haro Downtown 24 or  26 inch wheel size.   For the rider who wants a quality bmx bike with just a little bit more leg room.  alloy wheels, awesome parts.


​price includes professional assembly


Haro Parkway with 24 inch alloy wheels.   great bmx to cruise around the neighborhood.   Great choice for dads or teens.   Lightweight with freewheel and hand brake.     $349.99

​price includes professional assembly

Sobrosa Mallum 29'er.   This is one AWESOME bmx.   Full frame and fork cro=moly steel.  Bmx 3 pc cro-moly cranks.  Half link Shadow chain and much more.   black only

$429.99    sale price     

​reg. price $599.99

​Price include professional assembly

Haro Shredder 20 inch coaster (foot) brake with one hand brake.  Aluminum frame, alloy wheels, pad set.  excellant quality.  age appx. 5-10 yrs.

$ 299.99

​price includes professional assembly

Please scroll down to view our in stock bmx bikes.   These include wheel sizes 16 thru 29 inch.  Please remember our bikes come completely and professionally assembled.  Thank you from Whites Bikes 40 years in Moreno Valley.

Haro Leucadia with 18 inch frame 20 inch wheels.   This is a great size for first time 20 bmx rider.  this bike has a smaller frame , 3 pc. cranks, fat tires, hand brake and freewheel.   Appx. age 6 to 10 yr old.       ​$369.99

price includes professional assembly 

A true blast from the past.   Retrospec 'Sully' bmx beach cruiser.  bmx parts with the comfort of a beach cruiser.  Free wheel.          ​$339.99

​price includes professional assembly

​blue on sale !!!!

Matt trans red    $399.99


Subrosa Tiro Large---XL- --

  This is the largest 20 inch bmx we have in stock.   Sealed hd set, b.b. (cranks) Fat.Rant tires, and much more.    

​Price includes professional assembly 


Haro 'bmf' 29' bmx.  Lightweight aluminum with anodized gold trim wheel.   A real looker.  Pad set included.   Very nice and very limited 

Haro Shredder 16 inch bmx.   aluminum frame, foot and hand brake, training wheels and pad set.   ready to roll. age appx. 3- 6 year old.      $259.99

​price includes professional assembly


​price includes professional assembly

Haro Parkway 20 inch with alloy wheels.   This bmx bike is a bit lighter in weight and made for those who wanna just cruise and not really be to worried about jumping.   Great choice for ages 8&up.  freewheel with hand brakes.  

$ 299.99

​price includes professional assembly