Haro Leucadia 2023.   Yes our first 2023 model from Haro is in stock.   Fat tires, micro gearing and much more!   


​Price includes professional assembly

​Many prices have been reduced for the holiday's.

Haro Downtown  24 & 26 inch wheel size.   For the rider who wants a quality bmx bike with just a little bit more leg room.  alloy wheels, awesome parts.

very limited supply

$469.99     reduced price from $529.99

​price includes professional assembly

Haro Leucadia "Lavendar only".  3pc cranks, fat tires and much more.   great bmx age appx. 9 and over.      $299.99  sale!!!

reg. price $399.99

​price includes professional assembly

Lay-a-way available at no extra charge.  25% down and 3 months to pay it off.

Retrospec 'Koda' 16 inch side/walk bmx style.   features foot and hand brake, training wheels and more.   Great choice age appx. 3 to 6.

$199.99  price reduced fr. $239.99    

black, or blue    

price includes professional assembly

​Haro   Shredder 16 inch.   Aluminum frame and wheels.   Foot and hand brake.  Pad set and training wheels included.   perfect bmx for age appx. 3- 7 yres old.

$ 289.99

price includes professional assembly 

Subrosa "Malum" 29er bmx.   This is a great model designed for someone who appreciates the great tradition of "Cro-moly" Steel.   !00% frame and fork.  Double wall 29 inch wheels.  4 pc Rant bmx bars and most important cro-moly bmx cranks.   All of this provides the rider with a strong, and lightweight ride.    Double top tube is awesome.         $599.99

​price includes professional assembly

Subrosa Salvador XL.   Black frame with teal splattered tires and teal grips.  Awesome bike with 21 inch top tube.   Sealed bb. and headset.   Nice!

$ 459.99

price includes professional assembly

Subrosa Sono XL.   A top tube that provides plenty of leg room along with top quality parts are a feature of this bmx.   Ready for action!  

$399.99  Price reduced from $429.99

Price includes professional assembly

Lay-a-way available at no extra charge.   25% down and 3 months to pay it off. 

Take a ride down Sunnymead blvd. on your new Haro Boulivard XL  for 2023.  Awesome 20.75 frame with sealed headset and b.b. 


​price includes professional assembly

Haro Shredder 20 inch coaster (foot) brake with one hand brake.  Aluminum frame, alloy wheels, pad set.  excellant quality.  age appx. 5-10 yrs.

$ 319.99

​price includes professional assembly

apple green


Looking for that very special bmx for your 6 to 10 yr old?  look no further.   Haro Downtown 18 inch wheel.   3 pc cranks, handbrakes and very sturdy frame.  

Army green!    $399.99  price reduced from $439.99

​price includes professional assembly

Haro Shredder 18 inch bmx.   Lightweight aluminum frame, alloy wheels with foot brake and hand brake.   Great choice age appx. 5 to 10 year old.         ​$299.99

​price includes professional assembly.

Please scroll down to view our in stock bmx bikes.   These include wheel sizes 16 thru 29 inch.  Please remember our bikes come completely and professionally assembled.  Thank you from Whites Bikes 40 years in Moreno Valley.


Haro Shredder "pro" 24.   This bike is exactly like the Shredder pro 20 except it comes equipted with 24 inch wheels.  Lots of leg room for growing riders and dad !

​$ 369.99

price includes professional assembly 

Girls love bmx bikes too!  Haro Shedder 20 inch aluminum features foot and hand brake.  Pad set and lots of fun!   age appx. 5-10 yr. olds


​price includes professional assembly

Haro Shredder pro 20 inch bmx.   This very model is a great choice for kids age appx. 9 & up.  With a larger frame this great bmx has plenty of room for growth.   Alloy wheels, freewheel with back hand brake.  

$ 299.99   reduced price

​price include professional assembly

Subrosa Tiro XXL .   For the taller rider who still loves 20 inch bmx.  Fat tires, cro-mo frame and much more.   Let's roll!

$439.99   price reduced from $499.99 

price includes professinal assembly