Yes!  we have lay-a-way at no extra charge.   25% down 3 months to pay it off and take it home!

​Please scroll down to view our complete in stock inventory of all terrain bikes, fixie (single speed road) and hybrid bicycles.  This page includes short description and prices.  Remember all our bikes include Professional assembly.  Questions please call 


​crystal blue lady's Barron

pretty in pink--Retrospec Barron

In search for a bike to get a work out on or maybe to ride to work?  look no further.   The Retrospec Harper 7 features sturdy deep dish 700c wheels.   This bike will perform for years.    $459.99

​Price includes professional assembly

Retrospec Kenney .   This is a great campus bike or just a nice bike for your special lady.   Dependable Shimano 7 speed, a rear rack and alloy 700 c wheels.   $399.99

​price includes professional assembly

Retrospec Ascent  ladies atb.  Features Shimano 21 speed, disk brakes, aluminum frame, 27.5 double wall wheels.  Great bike for your lady!  Size 14" frame appx. 5'2" to 5'5"

​16" frame  appx. 5'6 to 5'9"

$ 579.99       reduced price 

​price includes professional assembly

Proudly serving Moreno Valley's cycling needs for 39 years.

lay-a-way available at no extra charge.   25% down and 3 months to pay it off.

Retrospec "Beaumont Plus"  this beautiful bike has upgraded Shimano rapid fire shifters, fenders, rack, bell and even a light.  Everything your lady needs to have a fun day riding with family.

$ 499.99

price includes professional assembly

Retrospec Harper.  A Very popular bike for those wanting a no muss no fuss one speed bike that is fast and fun.  700 c wheels, ride it freewheel or fixed gear.

​sizes xs-xl available

$ 359.99    ​Price includes professional assembly


Haro Flightline 2 --29er-- Finally back in stock!!!   Shimano 21 speed, disk brakes, aluminum frame, internal cable routing and much more.    $639.99

price includes professional assembly

This is such a nice bike to get you to work, school or just get away from troubles and ride.   Retrospec Amok.   Full lightweight aluminum, Shimano equipped 1X8 speed.   Mechanical no muss no fuss disk brakes and so much more.   $599.99

price includes Professional assembly

Attention Tall people!   We have one Haro Aera's hybrid bike in stock.   This bike features a XL+ frame set.   Recommended for those 6'2" up.   Features 2X8 Shimano rapid fire shifters, aluminum frame, disk brakes,700c wheels and more.  Very nice bike for dependable road ride. 


​price includes professional assembly

Retrospec "Barron' ladies step thru model.   This bicycle features low step thru frame for easy on and off riding.  21 speed Shimano aluminum frame 700c wheels.   Very nice road light gravel.  $459.99  

price includes professional assembly

Retrospec 'Barron" 21 speed hybrid.   Very dependable commuter bike/ family bike.   comfortable geometry, 700 c wheels with suspension fork.

$ 459.99

​price includes professional assembly


REtrospec Dart 24 inch wheel atb.   features aluminum frame and alloy wheels. kid friendly shifting 1X 7 Shimano

age appx. 8 to 12 yr. old.  boys or girls model  

$ 369.99

price includes professional assembly

Lay-a-way available on any model.  no extra charge.

​25 % down ---3 months

Haro Flightline 2 with 27.5 wheels.  all new 2022 model.   24 speeds, full internal cable routing aluminum frame.  Front and back disk brakes.

Let's roll !!!   size small in stock  

appx. 5'2 to 5'6"

$ 639.99 

​price includes professional assembly

Haro Bridgeport.  Very nice hybrid bike for commuting or gravel.  Aluminum frame with internal cable routing.   700 double wall wheels, disk brakes, 2X8  Shimano gearing with wide range for those big hills. 

size small/blue in stock.   5"7 to 5'9" appx. ​

$ 689.99

​Price include professional assembly


Lay-a-way available at no extra charge.  25% down and 3 months to payoff and then take it home and ride!

Retrospec "Atlas" hybrid.   aluminum frame with alloy 700c wheels.   Shimano 21 speed twist shifters.  Nice pavement bike.


price includes professional assembly

Retrospec Ascent 2022.  All new atb bike with aluminum frame, 27.5 double wall wheels, lock out on front suspension, Shimano 21 speed with internal cable , front and rear disk brakes.

​$ 579.99      reduced price 

​Price includes professional assembly


We have one Retrospec Acent 20 inch white that is very lightly used and like new.   20 inch large size with 27.5 wheels.   white only.

​reg. 579.99   on sale for

$ 469.99   built with tr tubes extra value @ $85.00 

Retrospec Harper "plus". single speed road bike with some extra's.  internal cables, deep dish wheels, stylish upgraded seat and stem.  Available in small/med./ and large sizes.  

$399.99   Price includes professional assembly