You, our valued customers and friends are the reason we go to work and try our best to help you find the right bicycle to serve your needs.   Thank you.    Our core belief is that the bicycle is one of the greatest inventions every dreamed of.  Being of no harm to our mother earth and good for the human mind, body and soul.  You don't have to be a racer, but just wanna get out and ride to enjoy it's benefits.   The staff at the WB bike shop.

The above photograph was taken in Riverside, California in 1963.   It features my mother and father, cousin Doug and sister Vicky.   Mom and Dad loved to ride bicycles and we always had a garage full of bikes and a home full of love.

We highly recommend taking a ride around lake Perris.  The bike path  now includes the dam and has been redesigned.  It is awesome

If you are thinking about getting yourself a road bicycle then now is the time!   Every Masi road bike is on clearance sale.   Need to order one that is not in stock come on in and lets see what we can do.  

We, at White's Bikes are very concerned not only for our own health but for the health of our customers.   With this in mind, we will be open for very limited hours until further notice.  We will be open from 12:00 noon until 4:00 pm.    However,  we ask that you call 951-242-4469 or  knock  on the front door, for information regarding assistance.    If possible we can provide either curbside or one at a time service inside the shop.

     thank you for your patience.   We can do this.   

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23750 Alessandro blvd.

Moreno Valley, Ca.


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taking it one day at a time.  Please call 951-242-4469   Please be safe everyone.

layaway available all year long.   25% down and four months to pay off. 

Please wear your facial protection if you are going to be visit the shop.   thank you

my first bicycle.  Riverside, ca  I believe the year was 1821.  Can someone please straighten my handlebars?  lol

Keeping it real has always been our mantra when it comes to our bike shop.  keeping it real means knowing your customers needs and our limitations.  Please support your local bike shop.