Retrospec 'Chatham" 20 inch beach cruiser.  Age appropriate appx. 5-10 yrs.   

​$ 269.99

Retrospec "Koda" girls 20 inch bmx bike.  beautiful eggshell white with brown parts also the very popular teal is back in stock.    features hand and foot brake, basket and bell.  age appropriate appx. 5 to 10 year old.      ​$219.99

Retrospec "Chatham" 24 inch wheel-- girls cruiser one speed with foot brake.  Age appropriate 8 & up.     $ 299.99

Haro shredder "pro" 20 inch bmx .  Features 21 inch top tube (room to grow) with freewheel.   red only in stock

​$ 309.99

Haro Shredder Pro .   24 inch alloy wheels, larger frame for taller rider.  Very popular model.  

​$ 339.99

Below is our complete inventory of available products with prices.   Please scroll down.  If interested please call 951-242-4469 and ask for Mrs. White .  I update everyday to keep current.​​  Please remember our bikes come completely and professionally assembled.

Haro Shredder 18 "  girls bmx.  4sky blue, aluminum frame (lite) with alloy wheels coaster (foot) and hand brake.   age appx. 5-10

​$ 269.99


Haro Pre-wheelz

10 inch pink age appx. 2-4

​$89.99  in stock 

Haro Shredder 18 inch wheel size.  foot and hand brake.   Aluminum frame.  quality bmx bike for age appx.  5-10 year old.  Orange only in stock  

              $ 269.99 

​57 cm large

a very popular bike for those wanting a road machine no muss no fuss fast and fun.  

Retrospec Harper

aka as a Fixie

Medium thru -XL frame size

in stock

​$ 349.99


Haro Shredder 16 inch bmx.   Aluminum frame.  Foot and hand brake.   Training wheels and pad set.  quality bmx age appx. 3-6 yr. old.  ​Blue only in stock.    ​$ 259.99

Retrospec "Dart" 24 inch wheel mt. bike.   Age 8 & up appx. or under 5'3"---Great first all terrain bike.  Shimano 1 X 7 gears that make it easy and safe to operate.   In stock matt black or ​ ​teal blue


Retrospec "Beaumont" ladies 7 speed.  fun bike to ride with the family at the beach or around town.   700 c tires, fenders, rack and easy to operate Shimano 7 speed twist shifters.    black only  ​$ 399.99


Retrospec "Koda" 20 inch side walk/bmx bike.  includes hand and foot brake, number plate ready for action!  age appx. 5-10 yrs.      $ 219.99

Our number one best selling bmx is back in stock.  3 pc cranks. 20. 5 top tube  Haro Leucadia.  Black only very limited supply.


​60 cm X- large & 57 large available in slate (concrete).

​53 cm med 

Sun "Atlas" heavy duty 3 wheeler adult tricycle.  features upgraded wheels, cranks and frame set.  Suitable for factory work.  Yellow only

​$ 599.99 

​53 cm. medium

Retrospec "Koda"  16 inch sidewalk bike.  Includes training wheels, water bottle, foot and hand brake.   Age appx. 3-6​     Blue only in stock

$ 159.99