Retrospec Chatham cruiser one featuring 29 inch wheels.   For the taller rider lots of leg room.  in stock black--  blue, or army green.

​$ 359.99  ​price includes professional assembly

Haro Shredder 16 inch boys bmx/sidewalk.  Aluminum frame, training wheels, pad set.  Quality to last!  Blue only in stock          age appx. 3-6  ​$259.99  ​price includes professional assembly

Retrospec Chatham 26 inch cruiser 7 speed.   alloy wheels, v brakes mens model black or drab olive green   ​$399.99

price includes professional assembly

Below is our complete inventory of available products with prices.   Please scroll down.  I update everyday to keep current.​​  Please remember our bikes come completely and professionally assembled.  

 Questions? please call 951-242-4469

a very popular bike for those wanting a road machine no muss no fuss fast and fun.  

Retrospec Harper Sizes in stock extra small thru extra tall.

​$ 349.99 price includes professional assembly

Retrospec Chatham 26 inch "ladies" 3 speed.  Features low step thru frame, Shimano 3 speed internal shifting with foot (coaster) brake.  Beautiful Crystal blue color.  ​$449.99 price includes professional assembly.    

Haro Leucadia.  Our #1 best selling bmx freestyle for age appx. 10 & up.   features 3 pc. cranks, fat tires, micro gearing and much more.    $359.99

price includes professional assembly

  1. Subrosa Tiro 20" wheels awesome bike for the dirt/jump rider. White only  in stock  ​$439.99  ​price includes professional assembly

Retrospec Chatham 24 inch wheel beach cruiser.   ladies step thru model.   appx. age 8 & up.  ​$299.99 ​price includes professional assembly

New!!! Retrospec Harper Plus single speed road bike (fixie).   Features upgrade deep dish wheels.   Threadless upgraded stem and forks internal cable-   $ 399.99

​Price includes  professional assembly.

Retrospec Rover double trailer

100 lb cap.   folds up for easy transport and storage.   Great family fun!!! 

​$ 189.99

Retrospec "Hauler",  built and ready to go shopping!   100 lb cap.  folds up for easy transport and storage. blue or orange   ​$ 149.99

Retrospec 'Chatham" 20 inch beach cruiser.  Age appropriate appx. 5-10 yrs.   

​$ 249.99  price includes professional assembly

Haro Flightline 1.   26 inch wheels, aluminum frame, shimano 21 speed.  Internal cable routing.  Size small

4'11" to 5"6 appx.   $ 499.99

​price includes professional assembly

Haro Flightline II -29er--Attention tall people!!

features: disk brakes, internal cable routing, 29 inch wheels, Shimano 24 speed and more.  

Large 5'10- 6'2"  $ 599.99

XL--6'1" to 6'5"

price includes professional assembly


Haro Shredder 20 inch bmx.  features foot and hand brake, lightweight aluminum frame.  great choice for age 5-10 yrs. 

$ 289.99 ​Price includes professional assembly  

Retrospec mens or ladies Chatham 26 inch wheel beach cruiser one speed with foot brake.   REady to ride, family fun!  ​$329.99 ​price includes professional assembly

Subrosa Salvador 26" For the big guy who still loves bmx or anyone who desires a bigger wheel to roll just a little faster.   Include Pivitol seat and post and many upper end Rant and Subrosa parts.   Nice ! in stock translucent blue  

 ​$529.99  ​price includes professional assembly

Retrospec "Dart". age appx. 9 & Up.  Features 24 inch alloy rims, front suspension fork, kid friendly easy to use 7X1 Shimano Shifting

$ 369.99   ​price includes professional assembly

Haro Flightline 1 lady's step thru model.  21 speed shimano, aluminum frame, 26 inch wheels. size available Xs-small 5" to 5'6"

$499.99 ​price includes professional assembly 

Retrospec Cub 

Look ma no peddles!  Great first training bike ages 2-5 yrs appx.

$ 89.99 built or in box

Pretty in pale pink.  Retrospec "Cub".   Teaches young riders to balance.  age appropriate appx. 2-5 yrs.  ​$89.99

REtrospec Rover single trailor

folds up for easy transport and storage.   Fits most any bicycle

​$ 149.99

Retrospec "Koda" 20 inch boys or girls- side walk/bmx bike.  includes hand and foot brake, kickstand &  ready for action!  age appx. 5-10 yrs.  $249.99 price includes professional assembly