Retrospec "Chatham" 24 inch wheel-- girls cruiser one speed with foot brake.  Age appropriate 8 & up.     $ 299.99

Haro Pre-wheelz

10 inch pink age appx. 2-4

12 inch pink age appx. 3-5

​$69.99  in stock 

Below is our complete inventory of available products with prices.   Please scroll down.  If interested please call 951-242-4469 and ask for Mrs. White .  I update everyday to keep current.​​  Please remember our bikes come completely and professionally assembled.

a very popular bike for those wanting a road machine no muss no fuss fast and fun.  

Retrospec Harper

aka as a Fixie

extra small-XL frame size

in stock

​$ 299.99

Retrospec "Rover" single trailor.  Easy to pull family fun.   Folds up for easy transport or storage.

​$ 129.99

Retrospec "Beaumont" city bike.  700 c wheels, rear rack, fenders and bell.  available in black,  or blue  ​$359.99 

Retrospec "Kenny" This bike is a great city transportation bike.   with 700 c wheels and Shimano 1/7 grip shifters.   tall size only rider height appx. 5'10 & over.   blue only   ​$369.99

Retrospec "Koda" girls 20 inch bmx bike.  beautiful eggshell white with brown parts.   features hand and foot brake, basket and bell.  age appropriate appx. 5 to 10 year old.      ​$199.99

Haro Flite line 24 inch.   great first atb bike.   age appx. 8-12 years.   Shimano 1X7 aluminum frame.  

​$ 369.99

Retrospec "Dart" 24 inch wheel mt. bike.   Age 8 & up appx. or under 5'3"---Great first all terrain bike.  Shimano 1 X 7 gears that make it easy and safe to operate.   In stock matt black 


Retrospec "Cub" balance bike.  Great first bike age 2-5 appx.  No peddles learn to balance. 

​$ 69.99   

Sun "Atlas" heavy duty 3 wheeler adult tricycle.  features upgraded wheels, cranks and frame set.  Suitable for factory work.  Yellow only

​$ 599.99 



Retrospec "Beaumont" ladies 7 speed.  fun bike to ride with the family at the beach or around town.   700 c tires, fenders, rack and easy to operate Shimano 7 speed twist shifters.      ​$ 359.99

Retrospec 'Chatham" 20 inch beach cruiser.  Age appropriate appx. 5-10 yrs.   

​$ 269.99

Retrospec "Hauler".    holds up to 100 lbs.   fits most any bike.